Community Engagement And Education

At Madina Masjid we have:

    • Regular programmes taking place with facilities for both males and females consisting of Bayaans, Qur’an recitation and Naats
    • Females only programmes taking place in 19 Victoria street
    • Males’ jamat going out in the path of Allah on weekends
    • Weekly Tafseer of the glorious Qu’ran on Friday evenings
    • Daily Urdu Ta’leem taking place after ‘Asr Salah
    • Daily English Ta’leem taking place after Maghrib/Isha Salah
    • Efforts being made for interfaith work

Adult Education

We currently provide:

    • Classes for older females taking place at 19 Victoria St

 • A one to one opportunity with the imam available to improve Qur’an recitation, learn tajweed, Arabic, etc


For further info, please contact the imam on 07833891942